Table lined up

The table for the layout is basically two C sections with an X in the middle.  That means there are 6 places where the table sections meet together.  5 of the 6 were lined up nicely and I was able to put the rails back in place.  1 of the sections did not line up nicely and needed some work.

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Andrea and Seth helped me with the table after Brianna’s birthday party was winding down.  It went much easier than I was expecting.  I thought we would have to shim the legs or do something to that affect.  I loosened two bolts.  Andrea broke the putty that was holding the worst section in place.  She and Seth held the table in position and I tightened the bolts again.

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There is some more track behind these two sets of rails that is part of a grade.  They were not lined up but they are basically floating.  The two boards are not secured to each other.  I can move them by hand until they meet.  I may secure them but I think they might be fine once the rails are connecting them together.

At this point I should have no problem putting the last track for the main 3 loops.  Once that is done all of the main track will be in place.  There is a 3 way switch that goes into the mountain that needs rails but that can wait until I have trains running.

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