Finished the switch

There is just the one switch that was taken apart when the table was disassembled.  It was missing wood underneath, etc.  I got it assembled to the point that it looked ok but it was not finished.  Maybe finished is the wrong title for this.  The switch is now operable.

I started with a screw that was too small.  I eventually gave up on finding a box of screws the right size.  I took the screw from a switch in a box of track.

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Having the screw in the pivot really really helps the switch work.  Once that was in place it was obvious that I needed to do something about the height.  The rails were hitting way too high on the frog.  My test caboose would derail.

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I spent some time trying to slightly bend the rails downwards.  I got something passable but not perfect.  I expect I will be working on this some more at some point.

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The test caboose wobbles a small amount but does not derail.

My birthday is the day before Train Day.  I plan to run an engine on Train Day so I wanted to get this switch in a better state than it was.  I will not have any wiring done but I expect to have a loop of track complete.  I am planning on using a 9 volt battery on the track to power the train.

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