Wiring Plans

I am hoping to be able to use DCC (Digital Command Control) on the track. Because of that I am planning on wiring the track for DCC so that I do not have to rewire it again. I am also going to try to make it easier to disassemble it for the next time the layout needs to be moved.

I have been researching on how to wire for DCC. The most time has been spent at wiringfordcc.com.

The current plan is to add a 2′ x 2′ piece of plywood that all track wiring will terminate to. The DC to DCC switches will be on this board. I want to use 14 AWG stranded wire for all connections to the switchboard since it moves on wooden rails. I want to use solid 14 AWG wire for the main bus lines from the plywood. I want to use 20 AWG solid wire as feeders from the bus lines to the rails.

I want to twist the bus wires from the plywood until the beginning of the track they will power. At that point the twisted wires will connect to a terminal bus. There will be a 1156 Light Bulb for surge protection at this point and a jumper in place of a block detector in case I install those in the future.

The bus lines will be attached to the bottom of the joists with nylon zip tie anchors.

I want any wire that crosses a point where the table can be taken apart to connect to a terminal bus on each side with a small jumper wire that bridges the gap.

I purchased replacement power outlets today.  I think the old ones were OK but for less than $4 I was able to buy replacement receptacles and matching outlet covers.  I am planning on replacing the wiring to the outlets as well.  Hopefully they will be the only exception to the no wiring will cross a break point in the table rule.

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